We রকBuzz

Few friends, on the wrong side of 30. Fairly established in reputed MNCs with a decent pay check at the end of the month. Looking back it seems we are fairly successful in life, successful how “OTHERS” define.
Still there was an itching....an itching to be successful and happy on our terms, on what we believe will truly make some difference....hence Rockbuzz....a place where we are not only selling a product...we are selling emotions....we are selling nostalgia....

The idea came to us while our regular evening “adda” sessions with staple topics of Satyajit Ray vs Mrinal Sen/Feluda vs Byomkesh/Eastbengal vs Mohunbagan/ Uttam vs Soumitra/CPM vs TMC....that why can’t we translate this topics and wear our Opinions....wear something which is literally “speaking our mind”....wearing something which will literally create a BUZZ around us....Hence Rock-buzz
Each product sold by Rockbuzz is designed with utmost care.....with a simple idea....to connect with people who share our fondness of anything that is Bong....Food, Politics, Sports, Books and Movies. So you might be a Foodie, a Bibliophile, a Movie Buff or a Sports Enthusiast....you will find something that is curated for your sense and sensibilities.

Late 30s might be too late to take a start....but as they “Do not think before you take the leap....take the leap and do all the f**king thinking”